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Cave Shepherd Beauty Festival 2017

The inaugural Beauty Festival at Cave Shepherd Main Store was a resounding success thanks to both the longstanding Barbadian department store, and the support of premium international cosmetic brands.

On Friday, October 27th and Saturday October 28th, 2017, beauty enthusiasts, casual shoppers and industry professionals congregated for a unique and interactive showcase of Clarins, Lancome and Estee Lauder products.

Tracy Purdon, Clarins Skin Care Specialist, and Carmen Pena of Lancome answered questions, demonstrated new leading products and delighted the audience with beauty and skin care tips.

Purdon, who is trained to analyse your skin type to match it to one of Clarins’ many scientifically proven products, gave personalized consultations. Both she and Pena, passionate brand users and knowledgeable experts, were able to impart their experience.

In addition to the consultations and demonstrations for brows and nails, shoppers also were rewarded with free gifts with purchases and given the champagne treatment along with sweet treats, massages, makeovers, facials, spa visits and complimentary gifts from Clinique and BlackUp.

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